Glass Wall and Glass Barriers for Flood Defence

Glass Wall Flood Barriers

Glass wall demonstration videoFlood Control International has developed the ultimate glass wall flood defences that are capable of withstanding virtually any flood condition.

The glass walls require no operational input and cause minimal visual intrusion where flood protection is required.

Each glass barrier utilises a combination of specially designed high strength structural glass, engineered frames designed to withstand the static and impact loads of the specific location, structural anchoring system, and specially designed watertight and impact resisting sealing technology.

Flood protection heights up to 1.8m as standard.

Glass flood wall sea defence at Wells-next-the-sea.

Glass wall sea defence.

The result is a virtually clear glass barrier with no loss of visual amenity that can be used as a direct first line flood defence without the need for sacrificial panels, additional deflection devices or external buffers. Self cleaning glass and grade 316 stainless steel frames allow this system to be used in aggressive marine environments if required. Ideal when sea wall flood defences are required.

Glass flood barrier viewing panels.

Glass barrier viewing panels.

Our glass barriers can be used as individual viewing panels incorporated into hard flood defences, or as a complete free standing glass wall spanning any length and following virtually any contour. There is also a version of the system that can be retrospectively mounted onto suitable existing foundations.

Tamper proof and concealed fixings are used throughout the system to reduce the possibility of vandalism. Safety factors are incorporated into all load calculations and material design to avoid the possibility of catastrophic system failure.

Previous sea flood defences at Wells

Previous sea flood defences at Wells.

New glass flood wall sea defence at Wells

New glass wall sea defence at Wells.

Glass wall defence at Wells next-the-Sea.

Sea wall glass barrier




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