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Flood Doors

Flood Control International offers three main types of Flood Door: Secure Flood Proof Doors, Sliding Flood Doors and Heavy Duty Flood Doors:

Our Design Team welcomes the opportunity to work alongside architects or directly with clients to identify the preferred flood door solution. Flood doors can be clad with a variety of finishes to suit existing finishes, so that the door becomes part of the building aesthetic, rather than as a post-construction add-on.

Our flood doors are designed to protect against fire, flood and unauthorised entry and when a flood door is shut, it is floodproof.

Our unique seal arrangement guarantees flood protection to full height or above and flood doors can be fitted with a range of access / egress and security features as required.

Our doors can also include for self-inflating seals or fire rating where required.

Sliding flood doors or bespoke heavy duty flood doors can be designed to almost any configuration configuration – our largest to-date is 6.4m wide and 4.4m high.

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