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Wall Street Plaza Flood Barriers - June 2013

Flood Control International has just been awarded the contract to supply flood barriers to Wall Street Plaza, in downtown Manhattan.

Swing floodgate to river intake site.The building flooded badly last year during Superstorm Sandy, and the building owners needed a solution that would not be visible when not required, as well as dependable when flooding threatens.

The aluminium stop-log system specified is easy to install and offers protection to the main building access points up to 7feet in height. Specially designed end supports are fully removable when not required, and the design allows the existing granite sidewalk to remain intact.

Part of the scheme also calls for removable covers to the electrical vaults below the sidewalk, which would remain vented above flood height when the flood protection is in place.


Swing floodgate to river intake site.The bespoke design selected  utilises sheet aluminium with sectional pipes to allow easy storage and fixing of the covers, with ventilation to 7ft in height.






Pivot Flood Barriers for Worthing Hospital - June 2013

Flood Control International was recently awarded the contract to supply 16 Flood Barriers to Worthing Hospital, in response to serious flooding in 2012, which had an estimated cost of repairs of £350,000.

The areas being protected are the lifts, mortuary and basement areas.

Most of the barriers being supplied are pivoting barriers which are always ‘on station’ and quick to deploy. The pivot barriers use gas-struts to ensure that even the largest barriers can be operated quickly and easily. Special end supports have been designed to allow the system to remain in-situ and to integrate with the trolley bump-rails, with minimal work required to the radius skirting.

The remainder of the barriers are single span slot-in barriers which have already been installed elsewhere at the Hospital.


Bespoke Flood Barrier at Green Quarter, Manchester - May 2013

Green Quarter is major new €360 million development in Manchester comprising 1360 residential apartments.  Just after one of the apartment blocks was completed, the underground car park was badly flooded twice with rainwater run-off, causing damage and a delay in allowing residents to use their new car park.

Swing floodgate to river intake site.Lend Lease Limited contacted Flood Control International to advise, design and install a flood control barrier that would automatically sense flooding and trigger the flood defence system.

Our senior design engineers surveyed the site and a sensor system linked to an automated drop-down flood barrier was designed.   A drop-down flood barrier was used to minimise the requirement for in-ground works.

Swing floodgate to river intake site.The automatic sensor trigger was devised so that water run-off that flowed into the Aco channel drain positioned at road level would activate a water sensor that triggered operation of the flood barrier.  An optional push-button trigger was also incorporated.

Swing floodgate to river intake site.The drop-down flood barrier also incorporates a laser curtain to ensure safe operation during deployment.

Steve Woodward, the Senior Design and Planning Manager at Lend Lease said, "Thanks for your company's efforts delivering the installation, car park is in full use now."

The 5m wide 1.3m high bespoke flood barrier and integral sensor system demonstrates how Flood Control International uses engineering knowledge and design to provide bespoke solutions to flood control.

For more information go to Drop-Down Flood Control Barriers.


Installation of heavy duty bi-fold flood gates in Edinburgh - March 2013

Flood Control International successfully completed the installation of a pair of complex double bi-fold flood gates as part of the 'Waters of Leith Flood Protection Scheme' in Edinburgh.  The gates are 6m wide by 1.9m high and 5.5m wide by 2.5m high.

Swing floodgate to river intake site.The bespoke design required the use of hydraulic lifting hinges to allow the gates to operate over a dead level roadway.  The bi-fold mechanism was chosen so that when in the stored position the gates have a reduced footprint.  The faces of the gates are now to be fitted with a timber cladding of Ekki hardwood that enhances their appearance further.



Flood Barriers in Hong Kong - Contract award - March 2013

Flood Control International (FCI) has been awarded a contract to supply the Flood Protection Scheme at Tai O in Hong Kong.  FCI was fully involved in the design stages to advise and ensure that the civil elements would fit perfectly with the flood barriers.  Bespoke storage trolleys have been designed to fit underneath planters adjacent to the flood wall to allow for speedy erection and to prevent potential access issues with the small and sometimes congested roads around the protected area.


FCI Registered on Achilles Database - February 2013

Flood Control International is now registered as a supplier on the Achilles UVDB database.  The areas of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety are all assessed and scored giving clients ready information as to our performance in these three key areas.  Our scores achieved were all between 89% and 92% and our certification is an endorsement of the professional attitude that underpins Flood Control International's operations.



Flood Control International’s flood barriers were out in New York, protecting against Sandy - October 2012

Flood Control International's demountable flood barrier installation at 350 West Broadway was commented on by the Core77 Blog, entitled 'Three Types of Flood Barriers – From Sad to Serious'.

Our flood barriers were the Serious variety.

Our thoughts go to all those affected by Sandy, and we hope that life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Swing floodgate to river intake site. 

The flood barriers also featured in Treasure & Bond's own website here.




Demountable Flood Barrier and Postie doing their jobs - OCTOBER 2012

Some four years ago, Flood Control installed a demountable flood barrier in Bosham, West Sussex.  The recent 5m spring tides required their use for the first time.  The flood barriers were erected easily and did their job perfectly:

Swing floodgate to river intake site. 

Mr Gullen, the customer, said, "Thanks for designing and building something that really works."  Our thanks to Mr Gullen for sending us the photograph.

Flood Control International’s slot-in demountable flood barrier system is able to protect against flood depths of up to 4m as standard.  The modular components, simplicity of design and aluminium beams with ergonomically positioned carrying handles enable the system to be easily and quickly erected - without the need for special skills or training. 


Lift-Hinged Floodgates for River Dodder Flood Defence scheme in Dublin - September 2012

Flood Control International recently supplied aluminium lift-hinged flood gates to Dublin’s Office of Public Works for installation in a new flood wall protecting the city from flooding by the River Dodder.

Swing floodgate to river intake site. 

The gates were chosen due to their operability and because they do not need a step or ramp and so can be used in public areas where disabled access is required.  The gates are fitted with fully enclosed seals and operating mechanisms to prevent vandalism and mis-use.



Glass Floodwall Installation at Wells-Next-The-Sea - June 2012

Flood Control International and the Environment Agency (EA) have recently completed the Wells Floodboard Replacement Scheme, with the installation of a new 1m high glass flood wall.

Swing floodgate to river intake site. Swing floodgate to river intake site.

The existing 80m long flood defence comprised a low brick wall and an 18m long sliding barrier which were both topped with heavy timber floodboards.  These floodboards were installed in October and removed in April each year, to provide a raised level of defence for winter storms and to maintain views across the harbour in the summer. The installation and removal of the boards was a time consuming task that disrupted the local area when the operation was undertaken.  The boards were very heavy and the 6-monthly lifting operation contained inherent hazards for EA staff and the public.  When installed, the boards had a significant visual impact on the whole area.

Flood Control International worked closely with the Environment Agency’s Technical Support Team to design a solution that would provide an effective flood defence to the area, whilst maintaining the view across the harbour permanently.  The solution utilised marine grade stainless steel supports and frames that were designed to sit over the existing post fixings, and toughened glass panels up to 4.2m long and 1m high, treated with a low friction coating to promote self-cleaning.  The design allows for impact loading as well as full hydrostatic pressure and is an excellent example of Flood Control International’s ingenuity in providing dependable flood protection solutions that meet every specific aspect of a client’s brief.

The glazed barrier sits on top of both the wall and the sliding barrier, with special posts fabricated so that when the sliding barrier is closed, there is a seamless watertight junction, completing the defence.

The smooth line of the barrier and the maximised glazed area mean that the end result is a most attractive solution, providing effective permanent flood protection with the minimal visual intrusion.  The Environment Agency considered the scheme “a major improvement for the local area”, and that it would represent “a significant saving in time and safety for our EA field team members, as the scheme eliminates all future lifting operations”.

The installation was undertaken by the EA’s own staff with Flood Control International technical representatives attending site to ensure the operation went smoothly and the project was completed on programme and to budget.

Flood Control International’s Managing Director Tim Collingwood was particularly pleased with the outcome of the project. “Our flexible design allowed us to re-utilise the existing fixings in the wall whilst creating a smooth line that enhances the visual amenity of the area.  The new barrier provides permanent flood protection with minimal operational costs to maintain.  Effective team-working and liaison with the Environment Agency staff allowed us to meet all of the project goals for both parties.”



Glucksman Gallery Flood Barriers Installed - February 2012

Flood Control International recently demonstrated the demountable flood barrier system and flood gate at the Glucksman Gallery in Cork, Ireland. 

The gallery flooded in 2009 and Flood Control International was contacted by the architects to work with them to design a flood defence that was in keeping with the architectural style of this iconic building. 

Swing floodgate to river intake site. 

The system incorporates specially designed posts to fit in with the angled walls and a lift-hinged floodgate which operates over a level threshold for disabled access.




Utility Sites protected from flooding - February 2012

Flood Control International has recently protected a number of water and power company sites with a variety of flood barriers, floodgates and flood doors and for a number of customers. Solutions have included pivoting flood barriers for a water treatment site, combination floodgates to protect vehicle accesses up to 7m wide for substations, and flood doors to ensure permanent flood protection to building openings that also need to be kept secure.

Flood barriers for utility sites need to be totally dependable, as the sites are often unmanned yet are vital to a local area’s ability to function during and recover after flood events.

Our flood defences are now specified by the majority of power distribution companies and water companies across the UK, and abroad.

Swing floodgate to river intake site. Swing floodgate to river intake site. Swing floodgate to river intake site.


Climate Change Risks and Adaption Report Published - January 2012

DEFRA has just published the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment.  The report identifies flooding as a significant risk to all sectors of society and the economy.

Key projections include:

Annual damage to properties due to flooding in the UK between £2.1 and £6.2 billion.

Between 23% and 30% of current electricity generating capacity with a significant likelihood of flooding.

Up to 19,000km of road and 3,100km of railway at significant likelihood of flooding.

Average annual cost to business up to £96 million.

The challenge ahead will require public and private action, a pro-active approach and an understanding as to how to adapt to our changing climate.

View the DEFRA report here at:


Automatic Flip Up Barrier installed in Cork - January 2012

Following from the devastating floods in Cork in November 2009, a number of major schemes have been undertaken to protect properties which were flooded or are susceptible to flooding.  Flood Control International has been awarded all of the major flood barrier projects to-date including the Mardyke Arena extension.

This scheme incorporates a 12.7m long 1.1m high flip-up flood barrier, flood doors that have inflating seals to operate on dead level thresholds, lift-hinged floodgates, flood-proof glazing and a demountable flood barrier.  Our flip-up barrier has just been installed and commissioned, and the project is scheduled for overall completion in March this year.

Other projects recently awarded include flood barrier protection to the prestigious Glucksman Gallery and the Mardyke Rugby Pavillion and the recently awarded scheme for 65 flood barriers for University College Cork. These contracts were won predominantly on the quality and dependability of our flood gates and flood barriers as well as efficient pricing.

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