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Flip-Up Flood Barrier installed for Headquarters Office


flood Control International recently installed and commissioned a flip-up flood barrier for the main entrance to a Headquarters office. The fully automatic barrier has a sensor that raises the barrier automatically in flood conditions, or can be operated pro-actively if flooding is threatening.

Sensors ensure the area is clear before operating as well as an audio visual alarm immediately prior to operation. The barrier takes just 15 seconds to raise.

Flood Control for One World Trade Centre, New York


'I Hope the water doesn't get this high!'

Flood Control International has recently been awarded the contract to design and supply containment barriers for the 92nd floor of One World Trade Centre in New York. The barriers are designed to keep fuels and chemicals in the plant rooms as removable parts of a protective bund.

Glass Flood Barrier Balcony installed at Shoreham


Flood Control International has recently commenced installation of glass flood barriers for Team Van Oord working for the Environment Agency. The scheme as a whole consists of 500 metres of glass floodwall. The initial installation is for a glass flood balcony, and Flood Control International’s stainless steel frame and toughened glass panels were designed specifically to look elegant as well as protect to full height water loading, with additional impact loads.

Flip Up Flood Barriers installed at NYU Hospital, New York


Flood Control International has recently supplied four large flip-up flood barriers to a hospital in New York, which rise automatically when required. When in the raised position the flood barriers protect to 12ft-6ins high (4 metres) and 40 metres length. When lowered, the flood barriers become the loading bay floor, completely hidden. Special shipments were required to get the barriers from their fabrication site to the installation location.

Flood Barriers installed in Chennai, India


Flood Control International recently completed installation of flood barriers around the HCL campus site in Chennai, India. The site flooded badly in November 2015, during the Chennai floods. The campus is surrounded with a perimeter flood wall and Flood Control International’s removable flood barriers were chosen to protect the entry and entrance gates. Once completed, the gates were tested using firstly a fire hose and then a water tanker and successfully passed all tests.


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