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Flood Barrier Stops Runaway Rail Car


At Flood Control International we normally allow for impact loads on our flood barriers, but a recent event gave us a far bigger load than we had anticipated!

We were informed by a client in Missouri that a runaway rail car had come down the rail tracks across which one of our 5ft high stop log flood barriers was holding back 1ft or water to protect their facility.

Our client said it was lucky that the rail car wasn’t fully loaded and ‘only’ 83 tons!

The photographs show that our barrier post actually stopped the car from hitting their facility and also still kept the bottom ft of the barrier in place to prevent flooding even after the event.

​Dover Cruise Terminal Protected with Flood Barriers


Flood Control International (FCI) recently completed a scheme to protect Dover Port Cruise Terminal against flooding from sea level rises. The scheme utilised demountable flood barriers to protect the entire terminal, and involved phasing works around cruise ship arrivals and departures.

FCI’s installation team was commended by Jon Dyer from the Dover Harbour Board for their good approach to completing the works around the requirements and schedules of the cruise operators.

Flip-Up Flood Barrier Project in Trinidad


Flood Control International was recently awarded the contract to supply and install three new ‘Flip Up’ flood barriers to the ‘Red House’ in Trinidad.

The Red House is the seat of Parliament in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

These barriers sit at ground level, and are activated either by the rising floodwaters or in advance by push button as required.

This project follows on from another similar successful project in Trinidad using the same technology.


Glass Flood Barriers for Shoreham Unveiled


The Environment Agency has officially opened over 7 kilometres of new river and sea defences in the coastal town of Shoreham, helping to keep the community safe from flooding from storms and rising sea levels.

Flood Control International's 450m of glass flood barriers provide the frontispiece for this high profile project.

Read the article here:

​New York Hospital Flood Barriers Operational


Flood Control International recently installed and commissioned four automatic flip up flood barriers to protect New York University (NYU) Hospital’s Kimmel Pavillion.

The flood barriers – each 12ft high and 30ft wide protect the loading dock and underground garage for the new facility and raise under hydraulic power in advance of a flood.

These barriers were part of a package of over twenty flood barriers of different types delivered by FCI for the project.


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