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Flood Barriers Installed at Finzels Reach Development Bristol


Flood Control International is completing installation of over 50 flood barriers up to 2.4 metres high to protect the 4.7 acre Finzels Reach Development in Bristol.

This innovative design includes fully removable end supports, posts and beams so that when stored there is minimal evidence that the area is able to be defended quickly.

This solution suits listed buildings or where aesthetics are paramount.

​Flood Gates Installed and Tested at Buncefield Oil Depot


The oil depot at Buncefield has been completely rebuilt after its devastating explosion in 2005.

Flood Control International was selected to design and install five oil containment gates for the entrances to the site.

Strict limitations on operational requirements and minimal allowable leakage rates meant that new seals had to be developed and automated gate operation installed as two of the gates will be constant access entrance / egress gates.

Both sliding and lift-hinged swing gates were designed, up to 10 metres wide and 2.85 metres high.

Innovative Flood Gates Shipping to New Zealand


Flood Control International has just completed design and fabrication of some new sliding flood gates for a project in New Zealand.

The gates are to protect a town by closing off a roadway 21 metres wide and 2.7metres high (69ft x 9ft).

The twin flood gates will replace an existing demountable flood barrier which, due to its size, requires a large amount of manpower and time to install in advance of a flood.

As the road is a busy highway, the time closed off needed to be minimised. Also, there could be no step or trough to guide/ support the gate due to it being across a highway, and the possibility of any trough filling with debris/ ice/ water.

The two leaves of the flood gate are winched horizontally into position and then lowered on their wheels to form a fully watertight barrier.

Swing-out braces on the back of the flood gate locate into the groundbeam and are supported on the existing concrete foundations from the demountable flood barriers, thereby saving the need for extensive excavation and concreting works to support such a massive gate with high flood loads.

Sliding Flood Gate in Dover Pumping Station


Flood Control International recently installed and commissioned a Sliding Flood Gate in Dover, UK to protect a water company pumping station.

This manual Sliding Flood Gate operates without the need for an in-ground trough which can fill with water or debris or ice, and can be fully closed by one operative within five minutes.

The Sliding Flood Gate’s innovative system allows it to lower onto its base seal when in the closed position to create a watertight seal.

Sliding Flood Gate at Dover - Open

Sliding Flood Gate at Dover - Opened

Sliding Flood Gate at Dover - Closed

Glass Floodwall at New Ross, Ireland


Flood Control International is completing a Glass Floodwall project at New Ross In southern Ireland. The Glass Floodwall varies in height from 600mm to 1200mm, and provides permanent protection against flooding with no intervention required.

A solid wall would have been unacceptable in this attractive town, and Flood Control International’s Glass Floodwall with stainless steel framing was chosen as a durable, dependable solution that enhances the public area as well as provides full height flood protection.

The design allows for impact loading and also a sacrificial lamination in each glass pane so that even if one pane would crack, the full height water level is still contained.


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