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Flood Control School Visit


Flood Control International was recently contacted by Fairmead School and asked if a representative could visit for a careers day.

Fairmead School is a school for students with Moderate Learning Difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We sent one of our Design Managers along to talk to the students about flood prevention and the wider water management and engineering industry. The classes were very hands on with the students building their own flood defences. The budding engineers were also provided with a demo system that they could assemble to get a feel for the different materials and mechanisms that operate a real-life flood barrier.

The feedback from the students and the teachers (as well as our Design Manager) was fantastic!

​Road Crossing Flood Gate Installed in New Zealand


Flood Control International recently installed a 20m wide by 3m high double sliding flood gate across a State Highway in New Zealand. The flood gate works on a level ground-beam with special swing-out braces to take the water loads.

The flood gate replaces a large demountable barrier that used to take up to 15 operatives 4 hours to install each time it was required. This was a serious disruption to a State Highway, with a 26km diversionary route.

With the new flood gates, the road can be protected by only 2-3 operatives in under 20 minutes.

Flood Barriers for London Fire Brigade


Boxwall Selected by London Fire Brigade

Flood Control International has recently been awarded the contract to supply Flood Protection Barriers to London Fire Brigade for the next two years.

The NOAQ Boxwall barriers were chosen as the best solution when considering usability, lifespan and flexibility as well as cost.

Boxwall consists of lightweight interlocking units that click together to make a continuous watertight barrier up to 500mm high.

Demountable Flood Barriers for Distillery


Flood Control International recently installed a demountable flood barrier on the Scottish island of Islay for the Ardbeg whisky distillery.

The 10m wide, 1.5m high demountable barrier has four spans and is fully removable when not in use leaving the area clear for pedestrian access.

With bespoke storage nearby, the flood defence system takes just 20 minutes to install for two operatives.



Flood Control International was recently engaged by the Environment Agency in the UK to modify a number of old flood gates that were ineffective at Stonely UK.

The gates had been supplied in the 1990s by another company, and were ineffective in recent floods.

Flood Control International’s innovative solution was to change the way the gate sealed by introducing a lift and lower hinge that meant that sealing was aided by the weight of the flood gate. All seals were replaced as well as the modifications to the hinge mechanism, and now the flood gates are 100% effective, at a fraction of the price for new flood gates that would have been required had the existing ones not been modified.


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