Flash Flood Barrier - NOAQ Boxwall

NOAQ Boxwall Flood Barrier

NOAQ Boxwall is a freestanding temporary flood barrier designed for fast response to flood threats in an urban environment, on hard and even surfaces like tarmac, paving and concrete.

The NOAQ Boxwall is able to dam 0.5m of water and is extremely lightweight and easy to deploy. Although the weight of each box section is light, at only 3.4kg, the Boxwall stands firm without any external fastening, even when damming water to its full height. The Boxwall flood barrier is anchored by the weight of the flood water itself.

The Boxwall is particularly useful during flash flooding to control fast flowing water, diverting it away from vulnerable entrances. The Boxwall sections simple stick with the asphalt and divert the water.

The Boxwall is built up by slotting together any number of box sections. The flexible ± 3° coupling makes it possible to create curves, but it is also possible to make corners using a bespoke corner piece.

After the flood, the Boxwall is easily dismantled and can be cleaned using a garden hose. The box sections are stackable, which means they require very little space to store and are easy to transport.

Fast deployment, lightweight flood barrier for quick response flood protection in urban areas - unlimited length up to 0.5m high.


  • Lightweight - can be deployed quickly by a single person.
  • Speed - the low weight enables fast deployment - save more property in less time.
  • Stable - friction and water pressure ensures flood barrier is stable and well anchored.
  • Flexible - can be used in curves and at corners, using bespoke corner sections. It can also cover small steps, using special ‘gable’ sections.
  • Efficient- takes little storage space when stacked and is easy to transport.


  • Single openings and driveways.
  • Single buildings to whole residential and commercial areas.
  • Fast response flash flood diversion.





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