Inflatable Flood Barrier - NOAQ Tubewall

NOAQ Tubewall Flood Barrier

The award-winning NOAQ Tubewall is a temporary flood barrier that is lightweight, flexible and quickly deployed, making it ideal as a flood barrier for fast response to flood threats. Developed in Sweden by NOAQ, the Tubewall has proven itself as a world leader in rapid flood protection.

The Tubewall consists of air inflated tube sections that are interconnected by zips to form a continuous protective flood barrier. Each tube includes a skirt which lies on the ground on the flood side. When flood water covers the skirt, the water’s own weight squeezes the skirt against the ground forming a seal. The friction of the weighted skirt against the ground anchors the entire Tubewall. Higher water levels provide better anchoring, and the Tubewall remains stable even if the water should rise to its top.

Deployment is easy; the tubes are rolled out, inflated with air using a handheld blower, zipped together and arranged to provide optimum flood protection.

The tubes can be extended indefinitely so that wide-area defences can be deployed when floods are threatened.


  • Unbeatably Light - 0.3% of the weight of a corresponding sandbag levee makes it lighter than any other device.
  • Extremely Fast - the low weight enables fast deployment - save more property in less time. Two people can erect 60 m/hour (and dismount it at the same speed!)
  • Stable - even when damming water to full height.
  • Flexible - works as well on lawns and meadows as it does on concrete and asphalt.
  • No ground damage - from the device itself, nor from heavy vehicles.
  • Efficient- takes little storage space when collapsed, and is easy to transport.


  • Single buildings to whole residential areas.
  • Riverside flood defences.
  • Protect essential roads in flood zones.
  • Protect transport links such as trains by raising existing levees.
  • Wide-area perimeter defence for industrial and commercial premises.
  • Can be used as temporary cofferdam when working in water environments.





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