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Flood Control International’s flood gates are designed for dependable flood protection whilst maximising access availability. The flood gates can be designed to operate on a dead level threshold allowing unrestricted vehicle, pedestrian and disabled access.

Lightweight aluminium flood gates are available in widths up to 4.5m and flood defence heights up to 1.9m, and our steel floodgates are designed to any size. All flood gates can be automatic and push-button operated if required.

We provide CAD or PDF drawings of all flood gate installations ensuring they fit in with your requirements and that they integrate correctly with the whole scheme design where required.

Flood Control International offers four types of Flood Gate: Lift-Hinged Flood Gates, Swing-Hinged Flood Gates, Pivot Flood Gates or Sliding Floodgates as outlined below:

Lift-hinged flood gateLift-hinged flood gatesLift-hinged flood gate 

Our lift-hinged flood gates utilise a unique 'raise-swing-lower' mechanism and do not require recessed ground channels, raised ground beams or ramps, making them ideal for vehicle entrances and especially suitable for forklift or wheelchair access.

These flood gates are available as single or double leaf, or integrated with a stop-log system for wide openings in flood defences. Our flood gates are suitable for use in unmanned locations, are fully lockable and come complete with anti-theft and vandal resistant features.

Swing-hinged flood gate at utility siteSwing-hinged flood gateSwing-hinged flood gate in utilities wall 

Designed and built to the same high standards as our lift hinge flood gates, our swing hinge flood gates are ideal for opening where there is a step or ramp. The aluminium construction results in a light and easy to use door that provides full protection. With precision engineered hinges the gates can open the full 180° and this can be further extended to 270° with modification.

Double pivot flood gates at loading bay entranceDouble pivot flood gates at utility siteDouble pivot flood gates 

Convenience and rapid operation make our pivot flood gates the ideal flash flood defence or spill containment barrier.

The precision gas lift mechanism enables the flood gate to be effortlessly raised and lowered and the single point locking system clamps the flood gate in place at the turn of a lever. Automated flood gates can be triggered by fire alarm, smoke detectors, heat detectors or water detectors or push button controlled for daily use.

Specifically designed as flood protection for loading bays and wide openings, the flood gate supports are custom manufactured to clear any existing obstacles, roller shutters, crash bars etc, and the raised flood gate is safely positioned to the side of the opening leaving the access totally free.

Sliding flood gate at major utility siteSliding flood gate at major utility siteSliding flood gate at major utility site 

Flood Control International offers a full design, manufacture and installation service for all types and sizes of heavy duty sliding floodgates.

Each of our gates is individually designed for the specific customer’s requirements. Whether it is a hinged or sliding floodgate, it will provide effective flood protection or pollution control.


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