Lift-Hinged Floodgates Stop Flooding

Lift-Hinge Flood Gate

Our design for a lift-hinged flood gate utilises a unique 'raise-swing-lower' mechanism and does not require recessed ground channels, raised ground beams or ramps, making the gates ideal for vehicle entrances and especially suitable for forklift or wheelchair access.

Even the widest flood gate designs can be operated by one person using the smooth winding lift action and the single point locking mechanism. The aluminium construction also provides a far higher level of operator safety than heavy steel flood gate products.

These floodgates are available as single or double leaf, or integrated with a stop-log system for wide openings in flood defences. Our lift-hinge flood gate products are suitable for use in unmanned locations, are fully lockable and come complete with anti-theft and vandal resistant features.

The components are manufactured from construction grade steel and aluminium with stainless steel and are virtually maintenance free.

Our flood gate range is designed for extreme weather durability to give a lifetime of service and with EPDM seals that reform even after prolonged periods of compression, the gates can, if required, be left closed indefinitely. For locations where leafs greater than 4.5m wide are required, we can also manufacture from steel to any size.


  • Flood gates can be used on dead level thresholds for vehicle / disabled access.
  • Single person operation.
  • Lightweight floodgate -requires less massive supporting structure.
  • Virtually maintenance free due to aluminium and stainless steel construction.
  • Single point locking.
  • Can open inwards or outwards up to 180°.
  • Flood protection heights up to 1.9m.


  • Openings in flood walls for continuous flood defence.
  • Building openings.
  • Vehicle entrances.
  • Disabled access or public areas where steps or ramps not allowed.
  • Commercial flood defences for a range of openings.





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