Pivot Flood Control Gates

Pivot Flood Gates

Convenience and rapid operation make our pivot flood control gates the ideal flash flood defence or spill containment barrier.

The precision gas lift mechanism enables the gate to be effortlessly raised and lowered and the single point locking system clamps the pivot gate in place at the turn of a lever.

Automated or semi-automatic flood pivot gates can be triggered by fire alarm, smoke detectors, heat detectors or water detectors or push button controlled for daily use.

Specifically designed as flood protection for loading bays and wide openings, the pivot gate supports are custom manufactured to clear any existing obstacles, roller shutters, crash bars etc, and the raised flood gate is safely positioned to the side of the opening leaving the access totally free.

Patented seals are designed to resist clogging and to reform after prolonged periods of compression making the system ideal for long term and semi-permanent flood defence installation. The flood control gates are available for flood protection heights between 200mm and 600mm as standard and higher or custom systems are possible dependent on span requirements and location.

A single pivot flood gate can protect openings in flood defences up to 4.25m wide and dual flood gates can be linked with a removable central support for wider apertures. A manual slot-in version of the system is also available for use in locations with insufficient space at the side of the opening to install a pivot flood gate.


  • Flood defence over dead level thresholds for vehicle or fork lift access.
  • Precision gas assist lifting for effortless opening and closing.
  • Rapid deployment with single point locking.
  • No excavation required to install – can be ground or wall mounted.
  • Maintenance free aluminium panels.
  • Flood widths up to 4.25m and heights to 700mm available.
  • Can be internally or externally mounted.
  • Can be installed over any flat impervious surface.


  • Wide flood defence / wall openings such as roller shutter doors.
  • Underground car park or garage flood gates.
  • Industrial or commercial flood protection.
  • Containment barriers for spill protection.
  • Anywhere where a flat surface is required.





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