Flood Defences from Flood Control International

Flood defences by Flood Control International

Flood Control International is a UK based specialist supplier and installer of the most comprehensive range of flood defences systems in the world.

We design, manufacture, supply and install bespoke engineered flood defences, including flood barriers, flood gates and flood doors. We also produce equipment for chemical spill containment.

Our flood defence products are manufactured and specified to extremely high standards, which means that they provide dependable and guaranteed flood prevention.

Floods can be commercially devastating. We offer flood defences to reduce the flood risk for businesses and industry. We can help you protect your premises from flood water damage by providing the right flood defences for your needs.

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer unique flood defence designs that are innovative, efficient and above all else, dependable. See our case studies.

We work with architects and consultants all over the world and our clients include government agencies, utility companies, commercial businesses, retail chains, and nuclear power stations.

Flood Barrier keeping water out of garage.

Flood Prevention Products

Our range of flood defence products can be used for virtually any situation; from surface water flash floods to deep water flooding. We offer flood defences that can be used to protect the smallest openings through to wide area defences.

Flood Control International's products for flood defences as well as Chemical Containment are categorised in 3 main areas:Flood Barriers, Flood Gates, Flood Doors.

In addition to supplying outstanding flood defence products, Flood Control International provides a full range of professional services that can deliver a complete flood solution from identifying the most appropriate protection through to the installation and commissioning of flood products.

Removable flood barrierGlass Flood Wall barrierAutomatic Drop-Down Flood barrier 

Flood Control International offers different types of flood barrier to ensure the right flood defence is provided:Demountable Flood Barriers, Glass Flood Barriers, Flip-up Flood Barriers, Drop-Down Flood Barriers and Self-Closing Flood Barriers.

The flood barrier design varies from a simple modular 'stop-log' water barrier to automatic barriers that operate only when required. Flood defence heights up to 4m and unlimited lengths of flood wall systems are possible.

Lift-Hinge Flood GatePivot Flood GateSliding Flood Gate 

Flood Control International offers four types of flood gates: Lift-Hinged Flood Gates, Swing-Hinged Flood Gates, Pivot Flood Gates and Sliding Floodgates.

These gates are designed for dependable flood defence whilst maximising access availability; they operate on a dead level threshold allowing unrestricted vehicular, pedestrian and disabled access.

Secure Flood DoorRoller shutter flood doorFlood proof doors 

Flood Control International offers two main types of Flood Door: Secure Flood Doors and Sliding Flood Doors.

Our flood doors are designed to protect against flood and unauthorised entry and when a flood door is shut, it is flood proof.


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