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Flood Barriers over Railways Lines Installed


Flood Control International recently designed and supplied a flood barrier system to Balfour Beatty and the Environment Agency to protect the notorious Cowley Bridge junction.

This area has flooded several times causing mass washouts, damage to infrastructure and delay or suspension of all train services. The flood barrier system uses a below ground cut-off beam, sectional rubber bungs to surround the rails, and then a demountable barrier to raise the flood protection height up to 3ft (900mm) above ground level. The removable posts and beams are securely stored adjacent to the location and full erection takes under 10 minutes, meaning deployment can be left until just before required, rather than significantly in advance as is the problem with other solutions tried at this location, keeping trains running for longer, and with speedier recovery after any flood.

Drop Down Flood Barriers installed in New York


Flood Control International recently supplied ‘Drop Down’ flood barriers to a project in New York. The flood barriers usually reside above the opening out of the way, and when triggered lower to form full flood protection up to 5ft high. The flood barriers were selected as they are virtually invisible when not in use, simple to operate and 100% effective.

Hospital in New York Protected by Automatic Flood Barriers


Flood Control International's Vertical Rising Flood Barriers protect MSK Cancer Center in New York. The flood barriers rise using hydraulic rams to make three 36ft long flood barriers up to 5ft high.

When in the lowered position the flood barriers are invisible, hidden under the granite paving which is held in a stainless steel ‘tray’ at the top of the barrier.

Flood Protection for DFS and Wickes stores in Carlisle


Flood Control International's demountable flood barriers now protect two sites in Carlisle which suffered heavy flooding in 2017.

Protection heights to 2.1m height were required, with FCI’s overall solution using Flood Doors, Demountable Flood Barriers and Steel Lift-Hinged Flood Gates for the main goods entrance.



In this extraordinary time of uncertainty, Flood Control International would like to give an update on how the company is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are closely monitoring developments regarding COVID-19 and are following the correct steps to ensure the wellbeing of our employees which is our priority.·We are following guidance·from the·Government and NHS.

We have implemented procedures based on Government guidelines to ensure that all staff areas are free from infection. Our offices are arranged so that work stations are a minimum of 2 metres apart and our department offices are all individually isolated to prevent spread of any infection should it occur.

We are also implementing a home working policy for staff when possible. Our IT infrastructure and remote working capability allows us to continue working effectively with minimal disruption.

Essentially, it is ‘Business as Usual’, albeit at a distance.

We wish to assure all our clients that we are committed to providing uninterrupted service and support in spite of the unprecedented circumstances. We will take whatever action is necessary to maintain continuity of business operations.

Thank you for your continued support, trust and patience during this time.


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